This site is designed to provide unique market data peak information to IT professionals in the hope that it will enable them to solve - with even greater insight - their organizations' throughput and capacity planning issues.

The message data rates presented on this site are processed and updated through Exegy Ticker Plant appliances residing in several colocation facilities in Europe. Data rates are measured at these separate facilities and aggregated to represent the busiest single minute during the European trading day. Messages carry trade, quote and order book information as well as routine maintenance messages published by the trading venues.

The rates shown are updated every minute and show the actual one-second peak within that minute.

If using this data in a published report, please cite Exegy, MarketPrizm and the Financial Information Forum as the source.

Data is believed reliable but not guaranteed. This service is provided on a best effort basis; the companies providing this service do not guarantee availability or accuracy of the information at all times.

The data rates are aggregated from the following feeds:

Feed    Exchange / Source
Eurex EBSEurex Enhanced Broadcast Solution (EBS)
Xetra EBSXetra Enhanced Broadcast Solution (EBS)
SIX SwissSWXess Swiss Exchange